2013 dates are locked

The 2013 grand depart will occur on August 31. A second group are organising an alternate Easter depart to better suit their schedules.

I will issue a trackleaders signup link as the dates approach. Good luck in training because it is going to HuRT.

Trackleaders sign up


Follow that link and paypal to sign up your spot to show on trackleaders for the HuRT and Big HuRT.

Big HuRT Advice and Suggestions

For those not of Facebook, there has been an advice and suggestions file which has been steadily evolving. It has now reached the point where it is more or less a compelete document. I have added a copy here in the “Advice and suggestions” tab as a pdf download.

Final GPS file

It’s done.

The Big HuRT GPS file 2012 is now finalized and ready to download on the route page.

AK sets a new record

For those that missed it on trackleaders and facebook, AK just set a new record for the 324k HuRT with a time of 25 hours 40 minutes.

The plan for 2012

After two haggard looking athletes effectively turned the 2011 HuRT into a sprint race, it was clear that the race needed to be longer. So this year there will be two course options for the people to choose from. There will be the original HuRT as ridden last year with 324kms of single track goodness.  New for 2012 will be the Big HuRT which uses much of the original course but adds some extra trail and will ultimately be slightly over 600kms (the course setting is still progressing).

In 2011, we rushed to get everything finished and squeezed the race into the end of the year. For 2012, we’ve spent a little time looking at calenders and picked September 1 for the grand depart. It should have the most favourable weather (read: not too hot) and shouldn’t clash with too many major events so those with Whittakers syndrome are running out of excuses.

The Grand depart will be simultaneous for both events although they will be in different cities and there is a strong chance that the fast Big HuRT riders will meet the mid pack HuRT riders somewhere in the Watagans.

While the course sounds painful (and sometimes it is), those that finished it are still grinning. There have been plenty of riders out riding sections of the trail and enjoying themselves so who says HuRT can’t be fun.

More details will be posted closer to the event date so keep an eye here and on the facebook group for further information.

The start of something more?

The Grand Depart has been and gone for 2011 and while there were only modest numbers of nutters willing to take a swing in the inaugural year, it was still a fantastically compelling spectacle and the gauntlet has been layed down by which all future rides will be measured.

Matt De Bellin is now the course record holder with a time of 40 hours 23 minutes (1 day, 16 hours 23 minutes) for the men and Kim McFadden is the course record holder for the women with a time of 52 hours 30 minutes (2 days, 4 hours, 30 minutes). Both record holders were riding single speed with an emphasis on light and fast equipment.

There will be another Grand Depart in 2012 in early spring however that doesn’t mean the action is over until then. There are a number of people lining up an individual time trial (ITT) attempt in the upcoming months so keep an eye on the facebook page to see who will step up next.

Welcome to the HuRT

What is the HuRT?

Primarily it’s a race. An individual time trial following a GPS file over 300k’s of single track with some fire road and asphalt thrown in to link it all up. It is a self supported event where riders enter a gentleman’s agreement to abide by the spirit of rules and compete to set the fastest time for the course and the challenge of completing a monster ride (see the Rules section of this site).

There is a Grand depart set for the first weekend of November 2011 however riders are free to have a crack at the route at any time of their choosing allowing people to fit it in around their race calender and family commitments.

The HuRT is more than that though. It’s also a route that riders can follow who want to explore some amazing trails but don’t want to compete. Ride it over a leisurely 4 days. Ride bits of it with mates. Ride somewhere new and get away from the McTrail centre mindset and enjoy a totally new experience. While its no Colarado Trail, its probably one of the most amazing rides I’ve ever done and should be near the top of every mountain bikers list of places to ride in NSW.

There is a facebook page setup here: http://www.facebook.com/groups/190943500957500/ where all the race discussion is happening so poke your head in and take a look because HuRT is good.